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The Bamford
1926-7 Bamford 6HP No                   With Hills bros flick mag
This page documents the rebuild of a 6hp Bamford open crank engine, bit rarer as it was one of a few they made with hills Bro’s flick mags.
This is a very ’after the event’ update to website in so much that engine is now complete and in fact sold and awaiting being taken by new owner, engine was just a box of rusty bits (some of which were broken or missing).
I had to make parts to complete this project and I’ll endeavour to give a reasonable account of process, trying to keep in order of work (although may be a little inaccurate as to keep to exact order).
Pile of bits at start
Exhaust push rod was bent into incorrect shape for some reason, I couldn't get it back to correct shape and clear everything  and it was as rusty as a horse shoe anyway so made a new one.
New and old rods
Rod loosely  on engine
Cam pin oiler was missing so have made a complete new one
Stages of making cam pin oiler
Trying on
Setting governor latch on push rod
Big end only had one bearing shell (which was quite strange, I've made a new Babbitt  bearing (first attempt at this as have made all other bearings from bronze, bronze price has gone astronomical  so decided to finally taught myself to make my own Babbitt  bearing having quite a few old Gardner shells laying around).
Mould made
Mould with Babbitt poured in
Mould removed
Machining bearing
Some other parts I've made and fitted
Making front
pushrod guide
New guide made
New front
guide on
New and old
rear guide
New rear guide on
New piston rings
gapped and fitted
Engine is now complete as far as it goes for now, provisionally sold as is (when new owner finally comes and buys it!)
Short video of it running
After being let down by buyer I've made a trolley for this engine and will put it up for sale as a "rally ready engine"
Basic frame made
Coated in Osmo poly-X
Starting axles
Front axle assembly
Both axles
Wheels on
Boring and
sleeving hubs
Just wheels to be painted black, tug handle made and fitted
Decided not to paint wheels, instead I've wire brushed rust and oiled
Handle near done
Handle finished
Wheels oiled up
Virtually Christmas now (20th Dec' 2021) so in new year engine will be married to trolley and hopefully sold
Engine is now on trolley with new (home made) fuel tank, it's now ready to sell.