I received this engine as a gift after having stood in a museum for around fifteen years, it was less an exhaust and without trolley and what I would say was a nearly running state.
What I mean by that is that it would half heartedly start for a few moments but wouldn’t pick up, It’d run very softly as if the timing was very late then stop.
I stripped it down to find that not only were the valve seats total caked but the guides were worn beyond imagination, there was also about a quarter of an inch of wet carbon over every thing, in the bore, top of piston and around the valve chest, there was also a lot of sludge in the crank case and timing chest.
After sorting all this including making phosphor bronze sleeves for the guides I moved on to the lower part of the engine where I found that the cam and followers were so pitted with rust (worse than a old horse shoe) that if you were to run with them it’d grind it’s self to dust.
Also the big end was badly worn as was the outer camshaft bush, I was able to find some parts on eBay i.e. followers, cam, piston, conrod and big end bearings which allowed me to produce good results from a combination of parts.
The main bearings were worn but serviceable, I made the outer cam bush from phosphor bronze.
Fuel pump was badly worn and was of a type that had no method of tightening the string seal other than shimming under the cap (which was loose and wouldn’t hold due to wear) I was going to machine another cap but there was a pump on eBay with screw down adjustment for a fiver so I purchased that and polished it as can been seen by the picture
The water jacket (this was absolutely packed with rust) on the head had a crack and had been welded (rather scruffily) so I ground it flush and filled what was uncovered by grinding off weld.
I purchased paint from MK agriculture and hand painted all parts including main case & head before re-assembly.
I made an exhaust from an old rotted D type pot and one inch BSP water pipe and mounted on a trolley (this trolley is what the Gardner 1F came on), I made a cooling water tank and frame (I need to make another tank as it’s not big enough and the water tends to boil).
The fuel tank comes off eBay and the mount was my own make.
The engine was run at Strumpshaw 2006 (the main picture is from that rally).
This is it running in my garden
I have now obtained a larger more professional water tank and I'm working on major re-design to mount the whole set
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