There isnít much to say about this engine as far as my ownership and work is concerned, itís nearly an ďas purchasedĒ engine.
I purchased this engine from a college at work for no more reason than to save it from deteriorating in the garage of a person who didnít want it, when I got the engine it was free standing (not on a trolley or anything) with no exhaust.
I found an up turned exhaust on eBay for a reasonable price and mounted the engine on a trolley which I originally made for the Ruston Hornsby APR but wasnít really man enough for that.
It had and still has no drain tap for the cooling water (Iíll get one some time they seem to make too much on eBay), the ignition timing was set at around forty five degrees before TDC (it was a bit unforgiving if you werenít positive when starting).
I re-timed it to around five to ten degrees before and it seems fine a lot easier on the arm.
I havenít even cleaned it although I do intend cleaning it, as for whether to paint it or not remains a decision for a later time (probably leave the metal in a natural condition if it looks good after cleaning).
After having it running a good few times I found it got a bit tetchy and the water boiled if it was set to run anyware near the speed it is mean to, so I've removed the head and found it was in need of a decarbonization.
It also appeared to at some time been a home to some mice as the lower part of the water jacket was quite full of detritus probably contributing to the heat.
It seems to run much more even now.